Mladenovac - tourism

Potential as a tourist destination Mladenovac
* Mladenovac
is a town and municipality located in Serbia at 44.43° North, 20.70° East.
Mladenovac is one of Belgrade's 17 municipalities. In 2003 the town had total population of 22,200.
This town, situated about 47 km in the south of Belgrade, is a part of the district of the capital city of Serbia.
* Selters Spa is 1 km away from Mladenovac, 48 km away from Belgrade, at the foot of Mount Kosmaj (136 m above sea level). The climate of the spa is moderate continental, with a lot of sunny days throughout the year and dominant winds from Mounts Kosmaj, Bukulja and Venčac. You can reach Mladenovac by the Belgrade-Niš motorway and the Belgrade-Niš railway
Main roads lead from Mladenovac to popular excursion spots – mounts of Avala, Bukulja and Kosmaj, the mountain fold of Guberevacka šuma and Trešnja, and spas that are very close by, Selters spa, Koraćička spa and Bukovicka spa, Markovačko lake, Rabrovačko lake . One-day excursions are organized for the guests to enjoy the mildly sedating climate, authochtonous and antropogenic vegetation, forest springs, rustic scenery, rural events, fairs, and hunting of the small (ground) game for hunting fans.
The city of Mladenovac is in the Šumadija region …