Mountain Kosmaj

Mount Kosmaj is 628 m high. It lies 13 km to the south of Mladenovac.

Mountain Kosmaj
Kosmaj is the mountain of an enormus beauty.
It is adored by climate characteristics, mild sky, wide clearings, thick pastures, numerous springs under the thick deciduous and conifer forests.
It`s a 40 km far from Belgrade, 13 km far from Mladenovac and 11 km far from Koraica spa.
The Kosmaj surroundings is rich in forest terrains.
The peak of Kosmaj is 628 m above the sea level, one part of it in Mladenovac and another one in Sopot area.
Forests on Kosmaj spread over about 550 ha under the deciduous and 120 ha under the conifer forests.
In the deciduous forests there are oak, cerris, beech and hornbeam and in the conifer forests there are pine tree, fir, spruce and cedar.
Kosmaj is rich in wild and forests fruits.
Flora on Kosmaj is very rich, there are 557 species and subgroups and that`s about 15,2 % of flora in Serbia.
There are some endanger species among them like goat pen, red onion and orchid.
This area is very rich with mashrooms and there are about 300 species and 120 of them are determined.
51 mummal species are found, 96 bird species, 11 reptile species, 13 amphibian species and numerous insect species for Serbian fauna.
There are 95 springs on Kosmaj.
The Belgrade parliament made a decision to protect natural property of Kosmaj as an exceptional valuable region for its picturesque landscapes and forests qualities, diverse and rich of flora and fauna, water quality, soil and air, property of cultural heritage and the ambience and conditions for progress of tourism, recreation and agriculture.