One day in Mladenovac

Serbia - Mladenovac
One day in Mladenovac (1 day in Mladenovac )

Serbia - Mladenovac

Mladenovac tourism

Mladenovac has exceptional tourism potentials, thanks to its cultural tradition, natural resources and rich historical heritage.
The vicinity of mountain Kosmaj (13 km) offers enjoyment in the increasingly popular excursion and hunting tourism. The recognizable symbol of this mountain and the entire region is a large monument erected on its top in 1971, in memory of the soldiers of the partisan unit formed in Kosmaj, who were killed in World War II. Spa tourism is already well developed. Selters Spa, famous for its thermomineral water, which was discovered in 1898, has enjoyed good reputation in the whole world for a long time.
Angling is possible on two lakes near Mladenovac – Rabrovacko and Markovacko lakes. The latter also has catering and accommodation facilities.
Almost all sacral buildings constructed at the end of the 14th and the beginning of the 15th century testify to the omnipresence of despot Stefan Lazarevic (1377-1427) in the territory of the present-day municipality of Mladenovac. He was a son and heir of the holy Serbian prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic, one of the greatest Serbian rulers, and his wife princess Milica. Tresije Monastery in Kosmaj, which was built by King Dragutin at the end of 13th and the beginning of 14th century, was extended and reconstructed by despot Stefan one century later. He also built Pavlovac Monastery. These monasteries, together with the already existing monasteries of Kastaljan and Velika Ivanca, put the mountain top of Kosmaj under the protection of the Holy Cross. Kosmaj was the very place where Stefan Lazarevic met his end on July 19 1427, and his companion Djuradj Zubrovic put a stone obelisk in the place of his death in Crkvine (today in this place there is a church dedicated to St Elias, which was contructed in 1884). It has been preserved to the present day and in 1979 it was put under protection as a cultural monument of outstanding importance to the state.


The municipality of Mladenovac, one of the 17 urban municipalities of the City of Belgrade, is situated in the northern part of the lowland region of Sumadija, at an altitude ranging from 113 to 628 metres (mountain Kosmaj). It extends across most of the basin of the little river Veliki Lug, a left tributary of the Kubrsnica, and the outer edges of mountain Kosmaj lying to the west of it. It is surrounded by the municipalities of Sopot, Grocka, Smederevo, Smederevska Palanka, Topola and Arandjelovac. The territory of the municipality has temperate continental climate, with an average annual temperature of 10.7о C and precipitation of 649 mm. The municipality covers an area of 33,904 hectares 71 ares and 44 square metres. Today, the town of Mladenovac has over 22,000 citizens and is situated in the central part of the Municipality, which – according to the last census - has a total of 56,389 citizens living in 5 urban, 4 suburban and 15 village local communities.
Mladenovac, located in the centre of the municipality, and the whole of the municipality itself, have a favourable geographic position. Moravsko-Vardarsko-Nisavska railway (Belgrade-Nis-Sofia) runs across its territory, providing excellent railway communications. Belgrade-Nis motorway also runs through the territory of the municipality. In Mali Pozarevac an arterial road leading to Mladenovac branches off the motorway, so that the town has a short link with the most important road in Serbia. In Mladenovac, the arterial road to Kragujevac branches into regional roads to Smederevo and Smederevska Palanka, thus providing the municipality with exceptional connections with the neighbouring towns. Mladenovac is also well-connected with the capital - by the motorway (54 km) and the road via Ralja and Avala (56 km). The vicinity of the capital of Serbia and the fact that since 1971 the municipality has also been part of the territory of the City of Belgrade, give this municipality many advantages over other municipalities.

Serbia - Mladenovac

Serbia - Mladenovac

Mountain Kosmaj

Mount Kosmaj is 628 m high. It lies 13 km to the south of Mladenovac.

Mountain Kosmaj
Kosmaj is the mountain of an enormus beauty.
It is adored by climate characteristics, mild sky, wide clearings, thick pastures, numerous springs under the thick deciduous and conifer forests.
It`s a 40 km far from Belgrade, 13 km far from Mladenovac and 11 km far from Koraica spa.
The Kosmaj surroundings is rich in forest terrains.
The peak of Kosmaj is 628 m above the sea level, one part of it in Mladenovac and another one in Sopot area.
Forests on Kosmaj spread over about 550 ha under the deciduous and 120 ha under the conifer forests.
In the deciduous forests there are oak, cerris, beech and hornbeam and in the conifer forests there are pine tree, fir, spruce and cedar.
Kosmaj is rich in wild and forests fruits.
Flora on Kosmaj is very rich, there are 557 species and subgroups and that`s about 15,2 % of flora in Serbia.
There are some endanger species among them like goat pen, red onion and orchid.
This area is very rich with mashrooms and there are about 300 species and 120 of them are determined.
51 mummal species are found, 96 bird species, 11 reptile species, 13 amphibian species and numerous insect species for Serbian fauna.
There are 95 springs on Kosmaj.
The Belgrade parliament made a decision to protect natural property of Kosmaj as an exceptional valuable region for its picturesque landscapes and forests qualities, diverse and rich of flora and fauna, water quality, soil and air, property of cultural heritage and the ambience and conditions for progress of tourism, recreation and agriculture.